The Five Key Questions to Ask Your Painting Contractor

One of the means to finding a good contractor and to getting the best paint job possible is to ask the right questions. Find a contractor who has a good reputation. A good way to go when it comes to finding the best contractor possible is to ask to ask the following questions:

1. Do you cover all your employees with Workman’s Compensation Insurance?

This is of the utmost importance! Every worker must be covered by liability insurance. Some contractors, even licensed and bonded ones, will let their insurance lapse. If an uninsured worker is injured while on your property, you could be held financial liable. Ask a potential contractor to see a copy of both the contractor’s general liability coverage and their workman’s compensation policy.

2. Do you have a list of customers who would be willing to verify the quality of your work?

The company you choose should be able to supply a list of recently painted homes and allow you to speak with homeowners who have hired their staff. The larger the list, the better.

3. When will you start, and how long will the job take?

A good contractor will be able to give a fair estimate as startup time and how long the job will take. However, when bidding an outdoor job, is not unreasonable for a contractor to add a clause to the agreement to the effect of “weather permitting.”

4. Does the work come with a warranty?

Any painting project using premium-grade paint should last somewhere around ten years. This will depend on the on the weather conditions in the area. However, a good painting contractor should offer a guarantee with the job and, specifically, the terms by which the guarantee will be honored. Get the terms of the guarantee in writing.

5. What will be cleaned up after the job is finished?

While it may be anticipated by the homeowner that the contractor will remove any trim, old wood, empty paint buckets, and any other debris related to the painting, unless this is spelled out in the agreement, the contractor may not do a thorough cleanup after the paint job is finished. Get everything in writing to make sure every detail is going to be taken care of.


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