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Providing our customers durable, long-lasting screens for your windows and doors is a priority to us. That holds true whether we are whether we are cleaning them or replacing your screens.



Why Are Screens Important?

Outdoor screens are important. Very important. Here are a few reasons:

  • A barrier against bugs. Screens provide the barrier that keeps dangerous bugs like wasps from entering your house. You don’t want houseflies that might buzz around your outside trash getting into your kitchen. Ugh! A wide variety of possible pests are happy to use your windows as an entryway into your home. Screens are important. Really important.
  • Curb Appeal. You want your home to look great when folks visit or pass by in your neighborhood. That’s called curb appeal. And when it is time to sell a home, a real estate agent will often begin with suggesting a replacement of your screens. They understand that dirty or damaged screens will turn off buyers before they even look inside. They think, “If the owners don’t take care of their screens, how do they care for the rest of the house?” Attractive and clean screens make for an excellent first impression. Well-kept screens add appeal to the entire loveliness of your home.
  • Water damage. When your screens are doing their job, deflect rainwater. Windows don’t look very well. does when water builds up on them. And when water creeps into your home, it can lead to mold. Mold buildup is a health hazard. Mold can even form right on your screens. That is a good reason to have your screens cleaned regularly.
  • Preventing dirt splash. When screens are in proper working condition and well maintained, they help keep windowpanes from getting dirty. Good window screens help to deter dirt from splattering on your windowpanes and glass doors.
  • Heat loss. Believe it or not, screens in good working condition help to limit heat transfer. Yes, most of this will be done with your glass coating and the krypton or argon gas between each pane of glass. And it is true that the insulation in your window frames is important. But screens help to “seal the deal.”

Dirty Screens? B&M Painting to the Rescue!

When you hire us to clean your screens, the first thing we do is remove all screens from the windows. From that point on, here is the process:

  • We lay the screens on a large tarp or drop cloth. We then take the following steps:
  • We rinse all screens as completely as possible, using just the right amount of pressure. This removes most of the loose dust, dirt, and any visible debris.
  • Then we mix our super eco-friendly cleaning solution, provide a thorough cleaning.
  • Then it is time to give the screens a final rinse.
  • Now we inspect each screen closely: Are there any spots that we missed? If there are we take care of it.
  • Finally, we make sure they are completely dry and re-install them.

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Window Frame Renewal and Screen Replacement

If you need your screens or frames replaced, we will expertly handle that. We also specialize in window replacement with Windsor Revive™ products. Have us replace those old, unsightly old windows with Windsor Revive™ pocket replacement windows. We will transform your home with stunning Windsor quality and get it done quickly! Why not bring the radiance of the outdoors into your home?

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