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Waterproof Coatings

Waterproofing Your Deck? Get the Best Coating Available!

If you have never applied a waterproof coating your deck or other outdoor structures, you are taking chances on the protection of your investment. Perhaps you need your log home needs to be stained or recoated. You should get it done as soon as possible and by experts in the field.  Waterproof coatings at B&M Painting are the best available on the market today.


Reasons to Waterproof Your Deck

  • Injured outdoor surfaces are exposed to damage. Chips, crevices, dings, and other abrasions are not only look bad invite more moisture to penetrate. A waterproof coat will protect any outdoor surface from the harsh elements.
  • Dry rot looks horrible but, more importantly, it is particularly harmful to your deck. Dry rot turns a wooden or particleboard into a sponge-like texture. Unaddressed, the flooring can even collapse, leading to possible injuries.
  • Coating the surface adds texture, tone, brightness, and general aesthetic appeal to any deck.
  • You should have peace of mind in knowing that their investment is protected.

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Moisture: An Enemy of Outdoor Surfaces

Decks and other outdoor structures but add significant value to your property. Our weather conditions here in the Quad-cities bring in plenty of moisture to cause your deck to turn quite ugly. Winter weather here in north-central Arizona is sometimes fierce. Summer monsoons can wreak havoc on property, including decks. Waterproofing your deck is a wise decision to guard and enhance up your outdoor investment.

One Job that Should NOT BE a DIY!

If you have not been fully trained in waterproofing, this is one job you should never consider a “Do it yourself.” Education about the various systems of coating is required. You would need to select one and possess the know-how to use it.

Choose the Best Products and Company

Why not go with the best waterproofing system applied by installers here in the Prescott area? B&M Painting will provide a coat that will beautify your deck or other exterior surface, while delivering protection it needs. Our team of professionals apply the best waterproofing approach to guard your outdoor flooring of any kind.

Begin with a Professional Inspection

A qualified professional at B&M Painting will start with an inspection to see how much moisture may be present under the wood or any other surface. We use a moisture meter. We are trained as to precisely what to look for, as water can collect in any outdoor flooring material, even concrete. Plywood surfaces draw the most moisture and may require restoration before a coat is applied.

Choosing Stain Colors for Log Home and Wood Decks

What colors of stain should you use on wood deck or log home? Let us show you some striking and elegant colors that blend well with the rustic Prescott area. The choices of exterior wood stain colors have increased substantially in recent years. Manufacturers of staining products offer a wide range of colors from which to choose.

The range of shades and tones for log homes and decks now includes shades like:

  • Burnt Hickory
  • Mahogany
  • Dark Walnut
  • Deep Brown
  • Redwood
  • Light Oak
  • Transparent Shades of Blue and Green

Most folks choose colors that complement the rustic look of most sundecks and other structures. You choose! If you’d like ideas, we are here to help!

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Protection from Weather

Though the way the color of stain makes your exterior wood surfaces, there are other considerations. You will want to select products that protect the wood from weather conditions and the summer monsoons.

Wood Needs to Breathe!

One must for stains and sealants log homes and decks: You need to utilize products that are intended for exterior lumber. Wood requires the ability to breathe, allowing dampness to escape from its fibers. Stains and coatings not specifically intended for log exterior wood may prevent the natural process of evaporation, damaging the wood and causing extra maintenance, or even replacement, in the future. The specialists at B&M Painting will help you determine the products that will not only beautify but also protect your investment! We will extend the life span of your outdoor property.

Friendly to the Environment

Many property owners have become more thoughtful about environmental concerns. We are too! We are always thrilled to talk with people who are as eco-friendly as we are. All our products protect the environment.


Before we provide a coating, a clean and dry surface is vital. We employ just the right equipment necessary to accomplish a comprehensive prep.

Coating Application

The appropriate tools to apply the protective coat will assure the preservation of your outdoor recreation area. We understand that if we miss just a teeny, little spot, wetness can seep in and cause harm. Our rollers combined with paint brushes created for covering even the tiniest cracks will deliver both protection and beauty.

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