Waterproof Deck Coating Solutions Protect Your Investment.

Protective Waterproof Systems: Get the Best Coating Available!

What? You have never waterproofed your deck, patio, walkways, stairs, balcony, or roof-decks? Or do you need to recoat, and reseal the color to extend waterproofing and durability? Protect your investment from the Arizona sun and weathering elements.

Why Not Choose the Best Moistureproof Coating System?

Go with the best-guaranteed system used by installers here in the Prescott area! B&M Painting provides a maintenance-free waterproof deck coating that will enhance the beauty of your deck for years to come. Strong, long-lasting protection with a Lifetime Warranty. B&M Painting offers the most extensive range of colors and patterns available. We are sure to have the right look to enhance your home’s outdoor décor. Our team of professionals only applies the best approach to guard your outdoor flooring.

Benefits of Waterproofing

  • Extensive Finish Options
  • Durable
  • UV Resistant
  • Tapers of 0”
  • Cost-Effective
  • Non-skid

One Job NOT to Do Yourself!

If you aren’t a certified technician, this is one task you should never try on your own. You would need expertise with the various coating systems, choose one, and have the know-how to apply it. Above all, experience is a must, and after all, recoating your deck is not something you do every day. So, have the job done right, hire the professionals at B&M Painting.


A qualified professional will begin with an inspection to see how much moisture is already present under the floor’s surface. The B&M Painting technicians use a moisture meter to detect hidden moisture. The technicians know precisely what to look for. Excess moisture can collect in any outdoor flooring material, including concrete. For example, plywood draws far more moisture than other materials and may require repair before coating.


Most importantly, before coating, a clean and dry surface is essential. The professionals take care of this, as they use the right equipment necessary to execute a thorough prep.

Coating Application

The proper tools are required to apply the protective coat and to ensure a long life for your outdoor recreation areas. Our trained experts work with stainless steel trowels. In addition, these tools are essential when coating the walkways around swimming pools, for example. We utilize the best quality rollers, assuring the smoothest coat possible. If just a tiny spot is miss water can seep through. Moreover, our rollers, along with paintbrushes, are designed to cover even the most microscopic crevices and provide both protection and beauty.

Our Company

In 2003, B&M Painting began as a father and son enterprise. Jason Nance now enjoys using his decades of experience to bring excellence to the home improvement industry and to the wonderful people in the Quad-Cities. His passion is in doing the best job possible for every single customer. Expertise, experience, and care are the foundation of our company.

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