Summer’s coming: Powder Coating Renews Patio Furniture

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Does your patio and lawn furniture crave a new, gorgeous, and protective finish?

Powder Coating protective coatings for patio furniture are now available right here in the Prescott area.  The coating provides beauty and protection to metal, wood, plastics and other surfaces. That’s to say, outdoor furniture, gates, fencing, railings, mailboxes, and other surfaces are suitable for Powder Coating.

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What is Powder Coating to Patio Furniture and Other Surfaces?

Firstly, Powder Coating is a recently developed coating process. The coating is proven to be durable with many uses. Furthermore, outdoor patio furniture is well-suited to the coating. In addition, Powder coatings employ state-of-the-art technology. Likewise, the coating is laboratory tested under and real-world conditions.


Benefits for Outdoor Funiture:

  • An ultra-hard finish –  guards against harsh weather, scratches, dings, and scrapes.
  • A super-thin coat, approximately one-thousandth of an inch thick
  • Holds up under cold and hot temperature extremes



Above all, Powder Coating is most known for is its strength and longevity. It lasts many years longer on outdoor surfaces and does not scuff, crack, chip or fade. In short, you will spend much less time with maintenance and more time having fun in your backyard!


The Leader in Finishes

To sum up, Powder Coating is the gold standard for coatings for objects that remain outdoors, even year-round. That is to say, this unique formulation excels in physical performance properties, including:

  • Impact strength
  • Abrasion and wear resistance
  • Shielding UV rays
  • Prevention of corrosion

Colors Perfect for Patio Furniture? You Name It!

In fact, Powder Coat either meets or beats the color range of other types of coating systems. Not only, subtle tones like cream or beige to metallic hues like copper, but also, brilliant colors such as teal, orange, reds, and blues. For this reason, Powder Coat can deliver any tint you could imagine! In most cases, the Pros at B&M Painting offers customized colors to create a one-of-a-kind look. We offer color matching too.

B&M Painting: The Cerakote Experts

In conclusion, the team at B&M Painting is trained and experienced in Powder Coating preparation and application. We serve Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Humboldt, Mayer, and Chino Valley. We are Northcentral Arizona’s leader in Powder Coating finishes for furniture restoration and much more. Even so, why pay a bundle for new pricy lawn or patio furniture? Similarly, why not renew what you have to an entirely new condition and look? In short, we offer state-of-the-art coating and restoration materials. The only thing that matches our completed products is our exceptional customer service. B&M Painting is committed to providing you excellent and timely service. We even include FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY. The B&M Team guarantees the finest quality.

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