monsoon season brings heavy rain to arizona

Monsoon Damage Restoration

In case you haven’t noticed we are in monsoon season here in the Great State of Arizona. No matter how well you prepare here in the Prescott Area, monsoon damage to your property may be inevitable. Damage can include injury to wood, stucco, concrete, and fencing. And as we in the Quad-Cities know, the sporadic hail that comes our way can also wreak havoc on every surface it touches.

You can count on B&M Painting! We are the authorities for the restoration, replacement (if needed), sealing, and finishing of surfaces affected by water problems. Whether Residential or Commercial B&M will come to the rescue!

overflowing gutters can cause water damage to property

Wood and Water

As a rule, the cells of trees are naturally full of water. However, the cells of the lumber gradually dry out and shrink because of the milling process. When the wood is exposed to rainfall, the cells absorb water and then shrink in our dry, sunny climate. The process repeats over and over, resulting in cracks, warping, curling, and even decay.

In most cases, our professional technicians will take care of cracked and damaged trim, fascia, railings, decks, and everything wood. Likewise, we will restore or replace or repair any wood damage before painting your home or commercial building.

damaged stucco caused by monsoon storms

Stucco and Monsoon Season

No doubt, stucco cracks are not only ugly but are a frequent sign of moisture problems. Also, there may be chips in the stucco or even missing pieces. The windows and caulking are common areas of rainstorm attacks. Visible damp spots on the wall indicate trouble and so are bubbles split along the lower edge of walls.

B&M Painting applies only the highest quality glues and bindings to stucco coatings. Acrylic paints will produce the right match to your stucco surface.

Concrete Damage

Despite the extraordinary strength and durability of concrete, it is common for concrete to deteriorate from heavy storms. While, hairline cracks may not be a reason to be alarmed, but integrity issues must be tackled promptly to avoid more significant and more costly destruction.

However, complete surface preparation is essential for a clean and great-looking concrete surface and lasting durability. We prepare and finish each surface with precision and care to enhance your concrete area’s overall appearance. We do offer a wide selection of waterproof coatings that will prevent future monsoon season damage.

monsoon damage can be a result of hail

Rain and Hail: Disastrous to Fencing

Moisture or hail damage can destroy property, and wooden fences are often a victim of heavy storms. In short, severe climate conditions can create warping, sagging, and decay of the wood.

B&M is trained and equipped to take care of all your fencing repair needs. If you would like, we will inspect your fence for damage on a regular schedule.

We Do It All!

We at B&M Painting will expertly take care of any of your rain and hail damage to your property. When it comes to restoring, replacing, painting, staining, or powder coating metallic objects such as patio furniture, we are the authorities of storm damage repair. Ask us about Powder Coating too!

The caring and courteous staff at B&M Painting would love to talk with you about any of your projects in a no-cost consultation. Call us at 1-928-636-8281. Send us an email at and visit our website at