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If you live in Prescott, you’ll be familiar with our chilly winters. Are you one of many people who have postponed their exterior winter paint projects? People often worry about how well the paint will dry in low temperatures and tend to squeeze all their paint jobs into the summer months, but this can lead to unnecessary stress. We’re here to tell you that exterior painting can certainly be done in winter with the right paint and conditions.


Winter Paint Projects Save On Long-term Damage

For paint jobs that are purely aesthetic, it may not be a train wreck to delay until winter is over. However, if you require exterior painting due to damaged paint or cracks, attend to it immediately to avoid further damage. Most experts agree that an outside temperature of 35 degrees and above is perfectly fine for exterior painting.

At B&M Painting in Prescott, we use a particular high-quality paint that can dry in temperatures as low as 32 degrees, so you’ll have nothing to worry about! Also, it is advisable to paint your exterior walls in the late morning. Once the air has warmed up, the rest of the day will dry before the cold night air sets in.



Avoid The Summer Rush

Another reason you should not delay winter painting projects is that if you do, you’ll inevitably be one of the thousands of people scrambling to get their painting done in summer. You can skip the chaos and long waiting lists by choosing a professional, experienced company like B&M Painting professionals to handle your exterior winter paint jobs.

You will likely save on money and time too since house painters are not that busy in winter. Winter paint projects in Prescott can be very relaxed experience when you have the right company to take you through the process with expertise and confidence. So, if you like avoiding the summer painting frenzy, start choosing your favorite colors and make B&M Painting your first choice.

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Complimentary Consultation

B&M Painting is Prescott’s leading interior and exterior painting company. We use a paint that will dry in weather down to 32 degrees. Other paints require a minimum of 50 degrees. Get the job done right and don’t delay. Call our experts for professional painting services done right in winter and throughout the year.