6 Benefits: Painting During The Winter is a Good Idea

Can painting during the Winter months have benefits?

Winter is not the best time to paint my house,” you may think. Well, you may want to reconsider that. Winter may be the best time to paint your home or business in the Prescott area. This article will present a few reasons why winter can be the ideal season for painting.


Paint Dries Faster in Winter

The very early summers here in the Quad-Cities are usually dry, but last summer brought much-needed rain and moisture. Then, the monsoons set in by the end of June, and the rain humidity lasted for quite a while. Moister in the air increases the drying time of the paint. Painting during the cold, dry winter will significantly reduce the drying time.

Humidity is the Enemy of Paint!

When the air is moist, the length of drying time can draw dust particles. Humidity during a new paint job can also cause flakes, chips, and blisters.


Stability of Temperatures

As was previously mentioned, humidity is not the best environment for exterior painting. Throughout Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Mayer, Humboldt areas, the temperatures during the winter period are likely to be stable. Of course, here at B&M painting, we stay informed of weather forecasts and will find the best time frame to paint during any season.

Painting During Winter May Reduce Your Costs

Cold temperatures in Prescott and the surrounding areas lessens the demand for painting contractors because home and business owners have misconceptions about winter painting. The result is fewer jobs for painters. The contractors are often willing to provide lower bids, thus saving customers money.

Paint_Staining_ During_Winter

Modern Specialty Paints Are Winter-Friendly

The experts at B&M Painting offer paints and primers specifically customized for cold temperatures that have been specially formulated for cold temperatures. These will help maximize the freeze resistance, helping their durability. Additives may also help to achieve a great-looking texture in cold seasons.

Call B&M Painting for Your Winter Painting!

The paint pros at B&M Painting have experience with everything there is to know for winter painting. We never apply less than two coats, which guard your investment even more against the harsh elements. The professional and friendly staff at B&M Painting would love to discuss any of your winter needs or projects in a free consultation. Call us at 1-928-636-8281. You can send us an email at jason@bandmpaintingaz.com and visit our website by CLICKING HERE.