Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Winter


Prepare Your Home and Property for Winter

Undoubtedly, when you think of “winterizing,” your roof, air conditioning, plumbing, windows, and motor vehicles usually come to mind. But what about your home’s exterior and similar areas exposed to damaging winter snow, wind, and rain?  Protection measures are clearly essential to safeguard your investment. Here in the Prescott area, B&M Painting provides crucial protective services to property owners.



Winterize Exterior Paint Before Winter

The winters here in North-Central Arizona are not getting any milder. We can all count on freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and heavy winds. These forces seriously damage our homes, so it’s essential to make sure they are protected. In short, attention is needed when the paint peels or flakes or even show small bubbles or hairline cracks. Call the experts at B&M Painting to remediate the issues of paint failure quickly.



Wood Siding and Stucco

As a rule, the first line of defense for wood siding against moisture and the harsh winter elements is paint or stain. For this reason, either must be reapplied every few years. Even so, inspect annually or call our pros to examine for possible damage. B&M Painting can repair and replace any damaged wood and prep it, repaint, or re-stain. Admittedly, stucco does not require much maintenance, nonetheless, you will want to check it for hairline cracks. Make sure to pay close attention to areas near doors and windows. B&M Painting will repair everything and apply protective paint to help prevent problems from coming up in the future.



Protect Log and Cedar Homes

Our careful and thorough restoration and protection process will restore the natural beauty and warmth to your log or cedar-sided home. We use state-of-the-art materials, and our skilled technicians will bring back your home’s natural beauty.



Cement and Concrete

Keep in mind, winter concrete and cement care are vital to protect your property from harmful winter damage. Importantly, maintain your concrete and cement health and they will look great all year long! Let us show you how we can enhance and protect it before winter comes.



Patio Pavers: Seal-out Winter

Water is usually the cause of most injury to patio pavers. Snow, ice, and rain create an environment that invites moss and algae, which ruin the look of pavers. They are also difficult to remove. In fact, cold weather also leads to cracks and damage so severe that pavers may need to be replaced.


tips to prepare for winter-before

tips to prepare for winter-after

Winterizing Metal Surfaces

Not only are the days drawing shorter, but also the temperatures are starting to drop. Plan for the metal corrosion the harsh weather ahead will cause to your outdoor surfaces. B&M Painting can in most cases, protect against winter damage.  For this reason, Powder Coat is the best protectant for metal surfaces. In this case, we also employ Cerakote, a very thin yet amazingly durable ceramic finish. Furthermore, Cerakote even offers protection for automotive components.

On Duty to Serve You

We at B&M Painting will help you guard your home and property against the brutal conditions of winter weather. The caring and courteous staff at B&M Painting would love to discuss any of your winter needs or projects in a free consultation. To set up a free consultation or send us a message, click here QUICK CONNECT.