harsh sun on house protect your Investment from Arizona weather with paint

Wood, Metal, and even Concrete are No Match for Arizona’s Weather

Scorching heat during the summer months is what the Great State of Arizona is known for. But here in the Prescott area, we deal with not only the summer sun, but heavy winds, the monsoon rains, and some brutal winters to boot! However, the unpredictable unrelenting weather can add up to a force of unparalleled destruction. Repeated weather extremes eat away at virtually anything left outside for too long. The fact is weather conditions wreak havoc on our homes and property. B&M painting offers quality resources to repair and protect your investment from Arizona weather damage.

UV radiation

Clearly, the sunlight alone is exceptionally harsh in Arizona since it constantly pelts the earth. In addition, UV radiation wears out and breaks down just about everything in its path. Eventually, UV radiation contributes to things like fading colors cracking, splintering, and much more.

Heating & Cooling Cycles

Consequently, when temperatures are so high, most things will expand and grow in size as the amount of energy in the molecules increases. As a result, surfaces will then contract and return to a more normal size when the temperatures drop. Warping, wear, and fading damage occurs when this cycle is repeated over and over again. Continued expanding and contracting causes drying, splintering, and cracking that creates leaks.

8 Ways B & M Painting Services Protects Homes from Weather Damage

Above all, B&M Painting is available to take care of just about all your valuable possessions that can be damaged by Arizona’s seasons of rough weather. This article presents 8 Protective Services we offer to add years to your investment.

Add Fresh Exterior Paint to Protect and Increase the Value of Your Home

Your most valuable assets, your home, is exposed to harsh climate conditions daily in Arizona. Besides, a new exterior paint job will not only protect but also boost the value of your property. We, at B&M Painting, monitor the real estate market and can assist you with the best investment protection. Our paint pros can even suggest popular sellable color/s for your property.


Definitely, Stucco exteriors are beautiful, but they require periodic repair and painting. We will come out and consult with you about renewing your stucco’s appearance and durability.


Stucco Project BEFORE Restoration


Stucco restoration is underway.


Restoration is nearly complete. First coat of fresh paint.

Don’t Forget the Interior

Moisture, especially from the Arizona monsoons, can be very destructive. Exposing a home’s interior to excessive moisture can develop safety concerns. While, molds and mildew here in the Quad-Cities are not only ugly, but they pose a health risk to your family. We are here to help keep your interior both beautiful and safe.


B&M Painter removes popcorn ceiling.

Interior paint protects your home's value

Popcorn ceiling removed.

Weather Damages Decks

Arizona’s extreme moisture in the atmosphere and the sun’s UV rays are devastating to the finish and stain of any deck. Unfortunately, no wooden deck can stand the test of time without proper maintenance.  Every two or three years stain will need to be reapplied. This will protect the integrity of the wood and keep that like-new appearance. Our most requested service is for Waterproof Deck Coating. When the Waterproof Deck Coating system is installed by B&M Painting Inc a Lifetime Warranty covers you against Arizona’s harmful weather elements. Choose from many styles, colors & textures.

Our team will keep your sundeck in excellent condition. Furthermore, our professionals will keep your deck’s color and finish both protective and fresh!


Before Waterproof Deck System is applied.


After Waterproof Coating System is Applied.

Don’t Ignore Concrete Coatings

Our concrete coatings renew old, worn concrete floors, walkways, and driveways. For this reason, our coatings are perfect for many applications offering both decorative and protective benefits.


Concrete Coatings is one of Eight Ways to Protect Your Investment from Arizona Weather before pic 1

Before installing the concrete coating system

Concrete Coatings is one of Eight Ways to Protect Your Investment from Arizona Weather after pic 1

What a difference! Beautiful. We can do this to your concrete surfaces.

Stones and Pavers

Landscaped areas are constantly exposed to weathering elements. We provide innovative solutions to protect and beautify stone and pavement areas.

Stones coatings are one of Eight Ways to Protect Your Investment from Arizona Weather before pic 1

Before the Stone Coating System Application

Stones coatings are one of Eight Ways to Protect Your Investment from Arizona Weather after pic 1

After applying the Stone Protective Coating

The Powder Coating Experts

The team at B&M Painting can powder coat almost everything. “Powder Coating” is the procedure of applying an even coat of paint to metallic objects. As a result, the layers of powder coating create both a gorgeous a durable surface that is much more protective than classic spray paints.

Powder Coating is one of Eight Ways to Protect Your Investment from Arizona Weather after ic 1

Metal Gate with Powder Coat Protective System

Powder Coating is one of Eight Ways to Protect Your Investment from Arizona Weather afterpic 1

Metal Vent Hoods with Powder Coat.


Importantly, Cerakote is a very thin but highly protective ceramic finish. Cerakote’s unique formulation enhances several performance properties, including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. The ceramic coating provides corrosion protection for automotive components and many other applications. Cerakote stands up to Arizona’s harsh conditions.

Cerakote-paint-protects-Your-Investment-from- Arizona-Weather-pic-1

Cerakote is a highly protective ceramic finish for metals, plastics, polymers and wood.

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