6 Ideal Interior Paint Projects for Winter

Winter Interior Painting Tips

Interior paint projects are often considered an activity reserved for the spring and summer seasons. But here in the Prescott area, winter is indeed a great time to paint! Here are some reasons:

  • Great prices for interior painting can be found in the winter because contractors are not as busy as in other seasons.
  • Paint dries noticeably faster in the winter rather than in the warmer seasons.
  • Projects can be completed sooner because painters’ schedules are usually booked out weeks and months in advance during the winter.

What Are the Best Painting Projects for Winter?

Winter is a great time to tackle those interior paint projects you have postponed. Painting is clearly an excellent task to brighten up your home when winter weather forces you to stay inside. Here are some ideas:

Kitchen cabinets.

If your kitchen doesn’t need urgent electrical or plumbing repairs or changes or layout revisions, why not have your kitchen cabinets painted for an updated look? If you are planning to sell your home, obviously a fresh look for your kitchen cabinets is an ideal solution if you don’t want to carry out a complete gut and remodel. For the last few years, a fashionable appearance has been to paint the lower cabinets in a dark color and upper with an off-white or lighter shade. Navy blue and teal are in fact trending these days.

Winter Painting Tips For Stairs

Paint your stairs.

Believe it or not, one of the most common projects clients hire us to paint is their stairs. Steps don’t occupy much square footage in the home, but they are a prominent area of focus. Cover that old and battered oak finish from back in the day. A bold monotone can bring a contemporary appeal. Handrails and treads in soft black with spindles and uprights of white are striking. They can complement almost any interior color scheme.

Winter Interior Painting Tips for Accent Walls

Interior walls.

These are often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about interior painting. Use the winter months to freshen the colors in your living spaces. A fresh coat can will cover scrapes and scuffs while brightening any room. Take advantage of changes in your family. If your last young one just went off to college, why not turn that into a home office, and add an appealing, new coat of paint?

Paint Projects for Winter and small spaces

Basement walls and ceiling.

Basement ceilings and drywalls often leave the ceiling painting unfinished and exposed. Both unfinished and finished basements can get quite a boost from a refreshing coat of paint. Cover dirty-looking drywall and protect your basement from mold and the moisture that causes them to grow mold. Make it more fun to use your basement as a recreation area, entertainment, or a playroom for the kids. 

  • Wood trim. Brighten up that old wood trim! The sky is the limit to give that old-fashioned woodwork new flair!
  • Interior doors. We have observed a striking difference when clients request that we paint their interior doors. That painted old door will come to life with a warm or cool light shade. Neutral tones like grey and beige can provide a beautiful accent.
Call the Interior Experts!

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