Skip a Step When You Do the Prep? Not the Pros!

We hear a lot of chatter these days about prep steps and painting products that do not require sanding or priming. No doubt about it, the outcome is an inferior paint job. Furthermore, The paint soon begins to separate and will not hold up under Arizona’s sun-beaten low humidity climate. There is an old saying, “Fail to prepare: Prepare to Fail!” Here, in the Prescott area, the professionals at B&M Painting will NEVER fall into that trap. We do not cut corners…EVER!


6 Surface Prep Techniques the B&M Paint Pros Apply

Optimum paint performance requires proper preparation. Here are just some of the prep steps we never skip:

  1. Clean first. We always clean and prep the project surface first. We never sand first. Sanding first pushes the debris into the grain or texture siding. Above all, we thoroughly clean all surfaces for the interior projects, including those exposed to grease or oil, such as kitchen walls.
  2. Remove mold and mildew. In the cleaning and preparation process, we are careful to look for and address any mold or mildew issues first. Even so, DIY attempts often neglect this critical step only to have fungi grow right through new paint, making it even more challenging to remove.
  3. Scrape and brush. We use scrapers and wire brushes to dislodge particles of loose and peeling paint. In addition, we look for paint bubbles and blisters and start dealing with them before sanding to prevent peeling sections, or blisters.
  4. Sand surfaces. Rough, bubbled, or patchy areas on sides or walls need to be sanded to make sure the paint goes on smoothly and will adhere.
  5. Wipe dust. We wipe away all dust with tack cloths and damp cloths and allow all surfaces to dry thoroughly.
  6. Prime siding, walls, and trim before painting. Primer is the essential prep foundation for any kind and color of paint. Address issues with porous surfaces and makes surface stains disappear with primer. Primers reduce all sorts of imperfections, creating a smooth surface that will result in an attractive, uniform coat.



After Prep: The Final Step…

Now it is time for the fun part! The prep steps of thorough preparation enable us to apply a brilliant and long-lasting coat of beauty to the interior and/or exterior of your home. Absolutely, then, another coat. Yes, that’s right. In short, we’ve seen many of those “one-coat wonders.” However, they don’t last. We always apply at least two coats.


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