8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painting Company

While a do-it-yourself paint job may be less expensive than hiring a paint contractor, painting is best left to the professionals. Here in the Prescott area, many homeowners are now taking advantage of the expertise of qualified and skilled painting companies like B&M Painting.

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Does Your House Need Painting?

Even so, when was the last time you painted the interior or exterior of your home? Have you ever noticed how your most recent coat is holding up? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, it is likely time to paint! A fresh coat of paint in the right colors and the right places can add value to your property and improve the look.

The 8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painting Company

Why hire the pros? Definitely, consider the following reasons:

  1. A painting project performed by experts will hold up longer. As a rule, here in the Quad-Cities, we have seen a lot of what we call “one-coat wonders.” As a result, they look great at first, but they do not hold up. We make sure every client’s home gets at least two coats.
  2. Excellent prep work. Many DIY homeowners who choose to paint their own homes overlook much of the prep work. Preparing every surface to be painted is the key to a great-looking paint job.
  3. Your time is valuable. You should not have to spend your time prepping with masking tape and paper, making trips to the hardware store, and touching up all those spots you missed.
  4. Professional painters have all the right equipment. Do you have industrial-grade ladders, drop cloths, rollers, pans, drop cloths, and everything else required for a quality interior or exterior paint job? We do!
  5. Experts have the skills. We paint siding, walls, and trim every day. The areas we paint will not look patchy or blotchy. To clarify, we easily paint straight, crisp lines in addition to spot-on trim.
  6. Experience matters when painting your home.
    Furthermore, we have been doing this since 2003, and you can see our many Google Reviews from many happy clients.
  7. The details are important. Does your home have a lot of detail work? To sum it up, knowledgeable painting contractors have both the tools and experience to get the job done right.
  8. Professional painters like B&M Painting, will do a quality job and provide every customer a warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

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You pick the paint, and the painting specialists are B&M will go to work. SAVE 5% during April’s Exterior Paint Special (discount applies to all contracts signed by April 30).

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