Do you know how colors affect mood? Choosing a new room color can be a daunting task. Here in the Prescott area, some residents are becoming aware of how room colors affect their mood and that of family and friends.


The Psychology of Colors and How Colors Affect Your Mood

People usually select paint colors based on their personal favorites. And the goal is often to coordinate with furniture, flooring, and items of decor in the room. These are certainly important considerations. But there is generally not much thought given to the psychology of paint colors.

Hearing Your Walls

What do your walls say to you? And do you talk back to them? Just kidding. But think about this: How do your walls make you feel?

Color and How it Affects Your Mood

When we probe further into the psychology of color, we find that color selections can significantly influence our mood. Knowing this can be a great help to you before you make your final choices of interior paints. Getting a grasp on the nature and temperament of each color and shade will help you to better understand how wall paint colors affect your mood.

How do Light Colors Affect Your Mood

How do Light or Dark Colors Affect Your Mood?

Generally, lighter colors make your room seem brighter and even larger. Darker tones tend to establish warmth and elegance. Some darker colors can generate an intimate feeling, which is especially advantageous for larger rooms.

Warm interior paint colors

How do Warm or Cool Colors Affect Your Mood?

Whether a color is warm or cool also affect how you feel when you are in a room. Here is some basic color theory:

  • Warm colors evoke warm images and sensations like sunlight and heat. Warm colors consist of red, yellow, orange. When a very tiny amount of a warm color is added to white, you have a gorgeous, warm off white. When added to an earth tone, warm colors often create more depth and richness.
  • Cool colors are blue, green, and light purple. They lean towards calmness and a soothing effect. A small amount or these will cool down whites and earth tones.


Now You Have a Place to Start!

Understanding what you now know about how color effects your mood you have a foundation for further exploration. With this place from which to start, we can come in for a free consultation and help you move forward with the color selections that are right for you.

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