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Glazing Bead Replacement

Do You Feel a Draft?  Maybe it’s Time for Glazing Bead Replacement

Does it seem like your home feels cold even though you have the heat up? Do you feel a cool draft even though if doesn’t seem to be that cold outside in Prescott? Does your home take longer than usual to get warm during the winter months? These may be the results the glazing bead on glass doors and windows breaking down.



Signs Your Glazing Beads May Need to Be Replaced

If you have owned your home for a while, you may decide to perform an inspection of your windows and screens. If you discover any of these signs, it is an indication the glazing bead may need replacement:

  • The bead is noticeably impaired or broken
  • Vinyl beads have a warped appearance
  • Glass is not fixed flush to the sash
  • Wooden beads are rotted or deteriorated

Sometimes vinyl glazing beads become brittle or warped from years of sun exposure. Wooden glazing beads often or deteriorate or rot from exposure to harsh weather or insect damage.

Prevent Those Drafts!

Why not maximize the temperature level in your home or business? Prevent drafts from entering. Just call us to replace the glazing bead on your glass doors and windows.

What are Glazing Beads?

Glazing beads lock into a channel built into the interior of the sash. A window sash is the component of window or glass door secures the glass and the framework around the glass. Most windows in newer homes are sash windows The sashes fitted into the window frame may be movable, or they may not be.

Different Types of Glazing Beads

Depending on the type of window or glass door, glazing beads differ in their design, material, and style. Different beads have different methods used to lock into the sash so they can firmly hold the glass unit in place.

Why Call B&M Painting for Glazing Bead Replacement?

Sometimes glazing beads are mishandled by contractors who replace the glass of a window or door. Brittle vinyl beads are delicate and need to be carefully removed when the sash is re-glazed, as they are vulnerable to cracking. Steel and aluminum beads are sometimes bent by the contractors who work with them. Wood beads tend to get cracked when removed, because they are nailed to the outside of the window. The nails need to be removed with care before any installation. The technicians B&M Painting are the Quad-Cities’ experts in handling all of materials on the job. We’ve also observed new glazing beads harmed by being incorrectly reinstalled

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