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Tips, Tricks, and News from the Experts at B and M Painting


Tips for Painting Stucco

Tips for painting stucco Stucco should be painted with a roller or an airless sprayer rather than a brush. A roller is great for little chores, but it can be difficult to use for larger projects. When using a paint sprayer, don't be too quick to put your roller away. Spraying the paint on the surface will help it adhere to the surface. Best ways to paint stucco Before you paint, inspect for any damaged areas. Use a stucco repair kit and let dry for several days. Pressure wash the walls and remove any mold. Then follow these steps: On

August 31st, 2021|

Community Compassion Drives Jason Nance to Give Back

Business Excellence: A Community Perspective Community Compassion Drives Jason Nance to Give Back. Motorcycle Raffle Drawing at HOPE FEST Arizona 2019. Jason Nance pictured with the RAW Customs and B&M Painting Teams. Serving his community is important to Jason Nance. For more than 30 years, he has rocketed B&M Painting into a reputable and successful Prescot area business. He accomplished this through hard work and the realization that giving back to your community pays off. His passion for doing excellent work is a significant part of what motivates him to continue what he does every day with every

August 2nd, 2021|

Monsoon Season Causes Property Damage to Arizona

Monsoon Damage Restoration In case you haven’t noticed we are in monsoon season here in the Great State of Arizona. No matter how well you prepare here in the Prescott Area, monsoon damage to your property may be inevitable. Damage can include injury to wood, stucco, concrete, and fencing. And as we in the Quad-Cities know, the sporadic hail that comes our way can also wreak havoc on every surface it touches. You can count on B&M Painting! We are the authorities for the restoration, replacement (if needed), sealing, and finishing of surfaces affected by water problems. Whether Residential or

July 25th, 2021|

Paint Color Trends for Summer 2021

Time to transform your home’s interior? Creative Interior Painting and the Newest Trends Since many of us have been spending more time at home lately, why not transform your home’s interior with the latest paint color trends? Above all, our professional staff at B&M Painting offers a hassle-free complimentary consultation to discuss unique design ideas and trending interior colors in the Prescott and Quad-Cities area. Make a bold statement with pops of color. Create an accent wall with a mix of paint and wallpaper. Ideas to Make Paint Colors Pop As a rule, adding

June 26th, 2021|

Powder Coating Patio Furniture

Refresh your Outdoor Furniture with Powder Coat! Alarmingly, the finish on your lawn and patio furniture is peeling, faded, and looking worn. Patio furniture takes a real beating outside in the intense Arizona weather with damaging sun, rain and wind exposure. Powder coating patio furniture is the best solution and protection against outside elements. If you really like your current patio furniture, but it’s starting to rust or corrode after a couple of years outside, why not powder coat it instead of throwing it away or replace it? Call Prescott’s powder coat specialists to update, renew, and refresh your investment. We

June 25th, 2021|

Jason Nance: The Man Behind B&M Painting

Who is Jason Nance? Jason is the energetic, creatively intuitive, adaptive, self-driving force behind Prescott’s busiest professional painting business, B&M Painting. “It is our pleasure is to serve the Greater Prescott area with interior and exterior residential and commercial paint and coatings.” A Local Family Business First, Jason founded Paint Plus in 1997, and then he and his dad, Robert Mucha established B&M Painting before his dad retired. Jason continues to produce quality workmanship, explaining that his passions are centered on “…doing what I like to do: and I am blessed!” Robert Mucha Jason's Painting and Artistic Heritage

May 23rd, 2021|






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