Modern Options for Fire Resistant Siding

You cannot eliminate every hazard to your home. However, you can make your property as fire-resistant as possible by using fire-resistant materials. When it comes to exterior siding, here in the Prescott area, there are several favorites that are not only great looking but are also very effective repellent against combustion.

Metal Fire Resistant Siding

Metal Siding is Unsurpassed in Fire Resistance

Aluminum and steel siding have proven unsurpassed in natural disasters, including fires. In safety testing for fires, most metal siding has been shown to be noncombustible. That means it will not ignite and spread flames. Metal is one of the best, if not the best, siding material for fire safety. As well as being noncombustible, metal exteriors stand up well to the Arizona monsoons that often bring on heavy rain, hail, and winds. Lest you wince at the idea of putting metal siding on your home, check out the progress of aluminum and steel in aesthetic allure. Wonderful textures, including brilliant woodgrains, are now available to give your home curb-appeal.

Brisk and Stone houses are fire resistant

Stone and Brick are Very Effective Fire Resistant Siding Options

Both stone and brick veneers over the wooden framing are very efficient for resisting flames. Since the joints are mortar, not calking, they offer even more protection for the stud structure and interior walls.

Stucco House

Stucco: Great for Fire Resistance!

Both conventional and synthetic stucco have been long known to offer homes great protection against fires. These materials are great at resisting fires, too. This plaster siding usually receives a one-hour fire rating. That means homeowners have up to an hour before the material will give into the heat of a fire and begin spreading flames into the interior walls.

The Elegance of Stucco

The distinctive look of texture and finish of stucco is created by several layers. The buildup can form a range of appearance from pitted and rough to a texture of fine sand. Additionally, stucco can be blended with other textured materials to make a bold and artistic statement! Fine artistry with this medium is our forte. Couple the fire-safety factor with the elegance, and you have a win-win! We flawlessly repair existing stucco, too!

Vinyl Siding is Not Fire Resistant Siding

Vinyl? Not So Much

Probably the least recommended product for fire-resistance on a home’s exterior is vinyl. Vinyl is made from manufactured plastic.  So, it rapidly melts when exposed to a wildfire, or electrical fire. The melted vinyl lays bare the studs and interior so the flames can swiftly expand into the home. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) advises against vinyl siding on homes that are in areas at high risk for fires.


Stucco, Metal, Stone, and Brick are all Excellent Choice for Fire Resistant Siding

Stucco can be a great choice for homeowners in north-central Arizona, but you may opt for another solution. Just call the pros at B&M Painting, and we will come out for a free consultation to help you with ideas. Call us at 1-928-636-8281 Send us an email at and visit our website at