Arizona Monsoons Cause Property Damage!

There are rainstorms and there are rip-roaring rainstorms like we have here in Prescott, Arizona. Our monsoons, complete with sporadic hail stones will be rolling full speed by the end of the month. Unfortunately, the massive scale of these storms often brings property damage from water, and sometimes ice.

Restoration from Monsoon Havoc

We at B&M Painting are the Quad-Cities experts for restoration from the severe summer storms. Sealing and finishing of surfaces, as well as replacement if needed. B&M takes care of moisture and roof damage for both residential and commercial buildings.

Monsoon Property Damage

Water and Wood Don’t Mix!

The cells in the core of trees are naturally very moist. However, lumber can gradually dry out and shrink because of the processes of the mill. When the wood is subjected to rainfall, these cells of lumber soak up water and then shrink, especially in the climate of Arizona. The repetition of the shrinkage results in warping, curling, bubbles, cracks, and sometimes decay.

Wood Repair and Restoration after Monsoon Damage

Our professional technicians repair split and damaged fascia, decks, steps, railings, and just about anything constructed of wood. We repair any wood damage or fully restore before painting.

Monsoon Stucco Damage

Stucco and Monsoon Season

Stucco cracks not only look horrible, but they are a telltale sign of moisture troubles. There may be cracks in the stucco or sometimes, missing pieces. Windows and caulking seals are frequent areas hit by the summer monsoons. If you notice damp spots on the wall, this is an indication of problems.

We Only Use the Highest Quality Products for Stucco Repair

Acrylic paints will produce the right match to your stucco surface. B&M Painting employs only the highest quality acrylics, glues and bindings to stucco surfaces.

Monsoon Concrete Damage

Monsoon Property Damage to Concrete

You may not think of concrete being damaged by moisture. However, even with its remarkable durability and strength, concrete can deteriorate from heavy rainfall. Small cracks are a sign of integrity issues. This needs to be nipped in the bud to avoid considerable and costly destruction.

Waterproof Coatings help Prevent Property Damage During Monsoons

Our specialists prepare and finish every surface with craftsmanship and care. Our work will improve the appearance of your concrete, wherever it is. We will show you a large selection of waterproof coatings that will help prevent damage in the future.

Monsoon Fence Damage

Damage to Fences

Harsh climate conditions can cause warping, drooping, and wood decay. Wooden fences are often a victim of heavy rain and Hail.

Fence Repair and Maintenance

B&M is trained and ready to handle all your fencing repair and care. We can inspect your fence for damage on a steady maintenance schedule.

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Did You Experience Monsoon Property Damage?  We are Ready to Serve You!

The B&M Painting staff will skillfully address any rain and hail damage to all your property. We restore, replace, paint, stain, powder coat, and much more. We would love to talk with you about any of your projects. Call us at 1-928-636-8281 for a no-cost consultation. Send us an email at