7 Best Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home.

Are you thinking about changing the exterior color of your home? Let’s talk about some of the trending exterior colors people in the Prescott area are loving just now. We are excited about the bold shades and tones that are trending and the current classic fashions.



1 – Warm Shades Are Here!

Elegant, warm colors are becoming popular with attractive siding and trim combinations. Warm grays with and khaki accents can present a striking appearance could be one of the best exterior paint colors.

Trending Exterior Colors in 2022


2 – On the Lighter Side of Trending Exterior Colors

Off-whites are always favorites, and alabaster is a lovely, warm shade that looks great on any style of home. This soft shade enhances any exterior surface, especially brick and stucco. When combined with dark wood colors, or even cast-iron trimming, the appearance can be outstanding.

Exterior Paint Colors 3


3 – Gray Is Not Always Gray

Neutral gray, not too warm, nor too cool, might sound a bit drab. But let our experts show you an appealing gray is neutral with subtle, pink and purple undertones that shine through the sunlight.

7 Best Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home


4 – Just a Touch of Green

Every gray has undertones, and a touch of green can provide elegance without reducing a warm hue. A soft, medium shade like this looks great on any exterior.

Exterior Paint Colors 4

5 – Dark and Light is One of the Best Exterior Paint Colors

Although often used as a light shade, gray is one of the most versatile darker tones. When accented with off-white trim, the look can be pretty stunning and attractive. We can mix it to look slightly brown, green, or even blue. A darker gray shade also looks lovely with wood, stone, and metal accents.

Exterior Paint Colors 5


6 – Dark and Bold

Another of the trending exterior colors is a deep charcoal shade that may look black at first sight but is enhanced with either brown or blue undertones, your preference. It can be a dramatic hue that suits modern, rustic homes quite well. We recommend providing a contrast by pairing it with lighter-toned trim.

Trending Exterior Colors 6


7 – Once Upon a Thyme

We are pretty partial to light, complex shades of green. It reminds us of thyme but shows off khaki and even green nuances.

Trending Exterior Colors 7

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