Top 5 Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Season for Painting in Prescott

Springtime painting is the best time to paint in Prescott. Many people think that summer is the best time to get their exterior paint job. There are some problems with that philosophy here in the Prescott area. In short “for this neck of the woods,” springtime is often the best season for exterior painting. Let’s consider some of the reasons why.

1 – Summer Monsoons

Here in the Quad-Cities, we get hit with some heavy monsoon rainstorms. They usually begin in late June and are quite unpredictable as to their duration, often continuing through most of the summer. Although the frequency and intensity of these storms vary from year to year, here are some of the challenges they cause to exterior painting:

  • Humidity. Even when it is not raining, the whole monsoon season is usually humid, day and night. Humid weather slows down the drying time of the paint and can also cause the paint to blister.
  • Hail damage. It is always unpleasant to have a painting job interrupted by a hail storm: not to mention the severe damage it can cause to the paint and its surface.
  • The unpredictability of weather conditions. Sometimes we get little to no monsoons here in North-Central Arizona. But during the period beginning of July through the end of August, it is tough to predict just when these storms will break out: and when they do, it is sudden!

2 – Gitter Done Before the Summer Fun!

Can’t wait to enjoy your deck or backyard this summer? If we paint the exterior of your home during the spring, you will have the freedom to enjoy both your new color and your outdoor recreation and relaxation as soon as summer begins.


3 – The Price Is Right

For the most part, Painters are not fond of long and slow winters. They are ready to get back to work. As a result, painting bids are generally lower in the springtime painting prices before contractors’ schedules fill up.

4 – Springtime Painting gives Curb Appeal for Sellers

Spring is the busiest time of year for closing home sales if you are selling your home. Any realtor will tell you curb appeal is vital. Potential buyers’ first impression of your home can get them in the door or drive them away. Painting your home exterior will give it a clean and fresh look that will invite them in. potential buyers. Painting is one of the most cost-effective means of elevating your home’s selling price.

5 – Freshen Up Your Home’s Interior This Spring!

Do you feel you just can’t wait to enjoy your backyard or patio this summer? Freshen things up early! Your new colors and appearance will brighten up your summer days and evenings. Call the Experts at B&M Painting to get your Springtime painting project done right!