Springtime: A Great Time to Paint Your Home!

Painting in the Spring is ideal for optimum results.  There are days in three of the four seasons which provide great conditions for painting your house. But there are some reasons why the springtime offers the best time of year for residential painting your house in the Prescott area.

Not Every Day is Perfect during the Rest of the Year

While the autumn and summer seasons can provide good opportunities for home painting, fall is often chilly, and the summer days get extremely hot. Toward the end of summer, the monsoons ruin the chances of a good exterior paint job.  Springtime offers some of the best weather for painting – especially if you live in the Prescott area.

Spring Painting in Prescott

Spring Temperature is Best for House Painting

The temperature during springtime is excellent. The best temperature for painting is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, temperatures that are significantly higher can trigger the paint to dry too rapidly, which will result in an inferior coat.

More Access for a Great Paint Job

In the late winter and early spring, trees and shrubs are not yet in full bloom. Thus, your painter gains more access, both on ladders and on the ground, to move about easily and paint apply quality paint into every nook and cranny.

Spring is a great time for both Exterior and Interior Painting

Spring presents the best temperature for the exterior. However, there are reasons springtime is the best time for both outside and inside painting:

  • You will probably get the best price. Painters are usually not fond of wintertime. Work tends to slow down, and they are ready to get back to work. The benefit to you is that painting quotes are usually more competitive in the early spring, right before painting schedules fill up.
  • The real estate market peaks during spring. During the peaks and valleys of the real estate market, spring is deemed the market’s best time. If you are planning on putting your home on the market, give your house curb appeal and a beautiful, fresh interior. Then, plan open houses for the late spring and early summer!

Freshen Up Your Paint this Spring!

Consider how you just can’t wait to enjoy your yard, pool, or deck this summer. During rainy days you want to be able to have a great environment for indoor recreation and activities. Freshen things up! Your new color and look will brighten up the summer days and evenings. Call the Professionals at B&M Painting!

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