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So, What’s the Scoop with Stucco Exterior Paint?

Stucco makes a great siding for homes because of its soft, earthy hue and Stucco is a popular home exterior siding choice because of its eye appeal, and soft hues, often earth tones or shades of gray. But Stucco requires periodic maintenance, including painting. Here in the Prescott area, there are a number of reasons why to have your stucco painted regularly.

Defend Your Home Against UV Rays

Here is the Quad-Cities, homes are exposed to a lot of sun. This is wonderful for many reasons, however, there are some consequences. Over time, the sun’s rays can exert wear on the exterior. This can cause:

  • Weakness leading to cracks and issues from water damage
  • Exposure to the sun, making your stucco look discolored and drab

Enhance Curb Appeal

Are you thinking of selling your home? Whether you are planning to put your home on the market, or just continuing to reside in it, freshly painted stucco boosts curb appeal! or simply want to improve its overall aesthetics, painting stucco is an easy and effective way to enhance curb appeal. If you are selling:

  • Today’s buyers are looking for turnkey, move-in ready homes.
  • Homebuyers want homes that won’t require immediate maintenance.
  • Painting will bring your back to life, increasing its value and easier to sell.

Your Home Need Protection from Water Damage!

Once stucco has been impacted by extreme rainfall and wind, your home is vulnerable to water damage. Stucco is a porous substance, susceptible to damage from harsh weather. Stucco issues from harsh weather can cause interior problems, such as mildew and mold growth. The experts at B and M Painting, Inc., understand the importance of using the appropriate paint for protecting your stucco and interior.

How Often Should We Get Our Stucco Repainted?

While a quality, single stucco application can last for decades, stucco is predisposed to cracking. Paint finishes usually last five to ten years on stucco. This will depend on environmental conditions. Or, you may just want to change the color of your home exterior. We can help you with some exciting ideas to make your home look great!

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