interior house painting trends for 2021

Interior House Painting Trends for 2021

Are you ready to give the rooms of your home a fresh look for the new year? Our professional staff at B&M Painting, Inc. have noticed some trending paint colors in the Prescott and Quad-Cities area.

A New Path for 2021

Recent survey results indicate that room design is headed on a new course. It is no longer merely about how colors look, but how they affect our mood. Gray tones are giving way to rich but darker colors.  These hues delicately change our ambiance, making us feel content and cozy.

Beige Over Gray

In recent years, different tones of gray have been freely applied to walls, in the Prescott area, and even throughout the world. But beige has been waiting in the wings ready to make a comeback! Dining rooms updated with a dark beige bordering on sienna will have a sophisticated and chic appeal.

beige sample trends for 2021

beige over grey paint trends

Darker: The New Neutral

Perhaps you think of off-whites, grays, and light earth tones are considered neutral. But now, darker colors fall into that category, even black. As we approach 2021, many designers are beginning to recognize dark pink, navy blue, and sage green, as not being too bold.

dark neutral color trends

Different Colors for Each Generation

For the younger folks, designers see brighter paint colors rising in popularity. They go for bright orange and yellow colors and other vibrant hues. Middle-aged people are likely to opt for changing their rooms to bolder colors as well, with purple and blue tints among their favorites. Nevertheless, the senior generation enjoys keeping things traditional neutral, with off-whites and beiges being the most demanded colors.

We Will Help You with Ideas!

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