Ice Melt & Salts: User Guide

How To Protect Your Concrete from Ice Melt & Salts

There is a lot of confusion about using ice melt substances on your concrete surfaces. Owners of homes and commercial buildings are clearly concerned that corrosive compounds and chemicals that are used in products for melting ice. Their concern is if damage to concrete will result from the use of ice melt and salts during the wet winter conditions here in Prescott.

Concrete: Safe and Sound!

Is melting the ice on concrete worth the risk? It sure is. If you take sensible steps to safeguard your concrete, you be protected from damage. You can safely use ice melt to keep family members and visitors safe on your sidewalks and driveway.

Before Winter Sets In…

The best place to begin is to assess the damage to your concrete that may already be present. It is best to do this before the first snow. Check your sidewalks, driveway, and other concrete surfaces on your concrete.

Repair the Damage

If you have cracks, chips, gouges, or crumbling in your concrete, you should have it repaired right away. The professionals at B&M Painting will come right out and fix any problems!


Ice Melt: Begin Sparingly!

De-icing compounds reduce the freezing and melting cycle, so your concrete could be put in danger of more expansion. Thus, begin by using melt sparingly! Begin with a small quantity, and work from there. Ice melt in modest amounts is not damaging, but it can be if you unload ice melt on your driveway or sidewalks without discretion. Apply as little a very small amount and you will be surprised how efficient it will be!

Then Shovel or Sweep

Because ice melting salts are abrasive, driving, or even walking over large amounts of ice melt salts on your concrete surfaces may cause extra wear and damage. Corrosive chemicals have a more harmful effect if you leave them on your concrete. So, make sure you shovel or sweep away all of your ice melt after melting.

Guard Against Destroying Your Yard and Plants

Protect your grass and plants. It is no fun to destroy your yard, shrubs, bushes or trees with ice melt. That is one reason to work with the smallest amount of chemicals possible. Rinse whenever possible but use your judgment to protect your plants and grass.

Concrete: Safe and Sound!

Call B&M Painting for Your Concrete

Did you know the experts at B&M Painting specialize in concrete, repair, restoration? We will restore your concrete and even enhance it, whether outside or inside! We will help you guard your home and property against the tough winter weather conditions.

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