Powder Coated FenceThe team at B&M Painting can powder coat your outdoor fence panels and just about anything and everything made out of metal.  Whether you need a powder-coated aluminum fence or a beautiful finish on a classic wrought iron fence, B&M is your powder coating specialist in the Prescott area.

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The Process of Applying Powder Coat 

The process of applying an even, specialty, highly durable coat of paint to a metal object is called “powder coating.” Electrically charged, microscopic particles of paint are employed so they affix themselves to a grounded object.  At B&M, we have a huge powder coating facility that can tackle giant fences.

Powder Coating: A Long History of Development

Although powder coating has become fashionable in very modern times powder coating was trendy for industrial finishing during the 1940’s! This finish is now widespread among painting contractors due to its durability, beauty, and reliability on outdoor fences.

Fence Powder Coating in PrescottThe Difference Between Spray Painting and Powder Coating a Fence

Why is powder coating better than spray painting a metal fence panel? At B&M, we are able to apply paint to metal surfaces like fences and garage doors.  However, traditional spray paint job emits an unpleasant odor. These liquids release toxins into the air as the paint dries.  Paint may be less expensive, but powder coat is far superior.

Powder coating can be applied in a thicker layer while being less harmful than spray paint. An additional benefit is that there will never be areas that bubble or run as with liquid paint. Powder coated outdoor fence panels are highly durable and will hold up to the harsh Arizona sun for many years.

Beautiful Coats of Colors

In the procedure of powder coating, hues can be blended together into one gorgeous layer. Because the paint is electrically-charged, it naturally sticks to every uncovered surface on the object. The result is a completely even coat. The layers create a durable surface that is much more protective than classic spray paints.  Powder coat comes in a huge variety of colors and our powder coating process can add a color to your fence that is a perfect compliment to the color of your home.

We Are Also Specialists For:

  • Sandblasting
  • Cerakote (like powder coat, but for high-temperature applications)
  • Epoxy and urethane floor and concrete coatings

Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and confidence that lasts for years, knowing your prized possessions and interior and exterior surfaces are finished with expertise.

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