Deck Coating vs. Winter

How Deck Coating Protects from Winter Damage

Outdoor decks are great for recreation and relaxation during the mild seasons. But they sure take a beating during the winter. That’s true even in the relatively gentle climate here in Prescott, Arizona. Applied by experts in the field, waterproof coatings will go a long way toward guarding your investment against the harsh winter elements and keeping your deck nice and fresh-looking.

Protection from Tough Weather

Most decks, even concrete ones, as a rule, need to be treated in every climate. At some point in time, with a waterproofing sealant. Not only does waterproof protection beautify a deck, but more importantly, it protects the deck from moisture and harsh winter elements.

Deck Coating Waterproof sealant before

When to Treat

Generally, the time for waterproof coating for the treatment of your deck will depend on several factors. In fact, a few of these are:

  • How often the deck is used?
  • The amount of exposure to direct sunlight.
  • The presence of deterioration or dry rot.
  • The presence of mold or mildew.
  • The quality or type of the sealant or stain.

What Kind of Deck Coating?

Our pros will indeed discuss with you the type of coating that will suit your needs. A solid color deck stain in short often provides more protection over time. However, a transparent or semi-transparent stain will permit the natural wood grain to show through, which some homeowners desire.

solid color deck stain

Important Prep

How well surfaces are prepared either makes or breaks a waterproof deck coating application. Surface preparation is clearly the most critical component in waterproofing, and here is where the experts at B&W painting are outstanding. Even so, we know the “steps of prep” that need to be employed, and we do it all! This is the procedure:

  • Remove any peeling or flaking. Failure to do this will result in continued peeling and flaking. Our crew strips the deck down to the wood or cement and repair surfaces if needed.
  • Remove all loose wood fibers from untreated surfaces by sanding and cleaning.
  • The B&M Pros make sure all surfaces are free of dirt, dust, grease, mildew, and other contaminants.
  • We ensure that every surface is dry before the application of the coating. In short, we have state-of-the-art- equipment to accomplish this.

Install Deck System Coating

Applying the Deck Coating

B&M Painting uses the finest system and materials for a maintenance-free waterproof deck coating. We offer the broadest range of colors and hues available. The beauty of your deck will stand out for many years. Our durable and attractive protection comes with B&M Painting Lifetime Warranty.

Complete Deck Coating sealant

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