Interior Paint Colors

2021 is behind us, and we are already well into 2022. Even so, are you getting ready to think about your interior painting projects? Here in the Prescott area, we are seeing some creative painting and color trends moving forward in 2022.

The Subtle Pull for Creative Color Trends

Overall thoughtful application of color is a very powerful visual tool. Well-planned hues and tones similarly influence the mood of any space with an unconscious emotional pull.

Our Emotion Cries Out for Color!

Most of us have never considered this, but one of the most interesting things about color trends is how it draws out our emotions in different ways. We subconsciously crave different hues and shades during different phases of our lives. No one knows this better than an experienced interior designer. A creative artist understands that living spaces speak to our individual desires and the collective senses of family and guests. In the world of design, a new wave of popular colors emerges every year.

Color Trends for Outstanding Room Styles

Do the rooms in your home need a refresh? Take it a step further: Your walls can make a bold fashion statement! Give the walls of any room a calming effect using blues or neutrals. Then how about one wall in a striking accent color: anything from salient blues or grays to dark earth tones.

The Living Room.

The color trends for your living room for 2022 will be shades that are both timeless and impressionable. Your living room is obviously one of the first rooms your guests will see. Why not show off your elegance and personality? As a rule, neutrals will be dominant in living rooms this year. Calm, grounding tones are often the best way to go. Neutral light shades like ivory and beige are moreover classic living room tones. For instance, they will connect seamlessly with more striking colors in adjacent spaces. The most recent trend in short is toward warm neutrals.

The Kitchen.

Your kitchen is special! It is the area where your family bonds over breakfast. The kids often do theirColor_Trends_for_kitchens_ Interiors homework or play games in the kitchen. This room deserves to be beautiful. Cream, light beige and off-white kitchens are always easy on the eye. They are traditional and timeless. But perhaps you want to be a bit bolder. Bring some color into your kitchen by applying darker colors to trim or an accent wall. The colors you choose to bring in and how daring you want to be is entirely up to you!








interior_ colors_for_bedrooms


Our bedrooms are very important rooms in the home. They give us a space to relax and rest. Green has risen to popularity for bedrooms, and we don’t expect that to change. This year the calming effect of sage green is fashionable. Make a bolder statement with teal or deeper, emerald tones. For the kids: Bright and charcoal blues for the boys, and dreamy pinks and light violets for the girls.




interior_ colors_for_bedrooms_2


Warm beiges and off-whites are coming back, but light gray is also trending. A good compromise may be warmer shades of gray with ivory trim.


The Den.

Dens are generally usually smaller rooms, designed for watching TV, playing video games, or other recreation. Here is a place you can be really daring with your color trend scheme. Because really dark tones of gray, blue, rose, or green will provide such a great contrast with the rest of the home. You can tie it all together by doing trim with a light color you have used for the walls of another room.





We, Will, Help You with More Color Trend Ideas!

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