Wood Stain: How to Choose the Right Stain Color

What colors of wood stain for a log home or deck?

Well, we have some rich and striking trends for wood stains here in the rustic Prescott area.

extensive palette of wood stain colors

The Times They Are a-Changin’

In the previous decades, most all log homes and decks shared the same tint of brown on the exterior. The up-to-date exterior wood-stain color choices have increased considerably with the turn of the century. As a result, homeowners have become chicer and bolder. Now manufacturers of staining products offer a more extensive palette of colors from which to choose.

Modern wood stain range of color hews now include shades like:

  • Mahogany
  • Burnt Hickory
  • Redwood
  • Dark Walnut
  • Deep Brown
  • Light Oak

wood stain package prescott, arizona

The very daring may even opt for less traditional trends:

  • Transparent Shades of Green
  • Shades of Blue

Most folks choose colors that accent the rustic look of their log houses and sundecks. You get to choose!

stain before and after

Wood Stain Protection from Weather

Though the way the color of stain makes your exterior wood surfaces look, there are other considerations. In fact, you will want to select products that protect the wood from weather conditions and the summer monsoons that we experience here in Arizona’s Central Highlands.

more than stain color wood protection

Wood must Breathe!

One must for stains and sealants for log homes and decks: You need to apply products that are designed for exterior lumber. Wood needs to breathe, permitting moisture to escape from its fibers. Stains and coatings not explicitly intended for log exterior wood may prevent the natural process of evaporation, damaging the wood and causing extra maintenance, or even replacement, in the future. Overall, the experts at B&M Painting will help you determine the products that will enhance and preserve your investment! In short, we will prolong the life span of your outdoor property.

log home protection

Friendly to the Environment

Finally, many homeowners have become more careful about environmental matters. We are too! We are happy to talk with folks as eco-friendly as we are. All our wood stain products protect the environment with lasting beauty for years to come.

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