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Refresh your Outdoor Furniture with Powder Coat!

Alarmingly, the finish on your lawn and patio furniture is peeling, faded, and looking worn. Patio furniture takes a real beating outside in the intense Arizona weather with damaging sun, rain and wind exposure. Powder coating patio furniture is the best solution and protection against outside elements.

If you really like your current patio furniture, but it’s starting to rust or corrode after a couple of years outside, why not powder coat it instead of throwing it away or replace it? Call Prescott’s powder coat specialists to update, renew, and refresh your investment. We are Northcentral Arizona’s leader in Powder Coating finishes.

Just What is Powder Coating?

Overall, the powder coating process applies finely graded pigment particles that are very low in toxicity to a chosen surface, such as metal, wood, plastics and other surfaces. As a result, these pigment particles are charged with static electricity and then are sprayed onto the object’s exterior.  The next step applies intense heat to bond and fuses the powder coat to the surface, and once cooled down, leaves a gorgeous and durable treated surface.

BEFORE: rust, corrosion and wear.



AFTER: Powder Coating: ready for years of enjoyment.

What to do with that Aging Outdoor Furniture

Especially, during the summer months, families throughout the Quad-Cites love to spend time with friends out on the patio or deck. Even so, that old tired looking outdoor furniture is faded and aged. What can you do? Patio furniture can be expensive. Importantly, how can you protect your investment? What are the options?

  1. Obviously, you can buy new lawn furniture, which can be very costly.
  2. However, you can take the time to grind, sand, paint the old lawn furniture yourself, and repeat the same operation again in a couple of years.
  3. OR save a great deal of money and time by calling the pros at B&M Painting to clean, treat and powder coat patio furniture for a fraction of your original investment. In fact, the rich, beautiful, and protective finish will last for years to come!

BEFORE: Sun and wind damaged chairs.


AFTER: Beautiful! Air-drying after the powder coat treatment.

What’s more, powder coating has many applications for items such as:

  • Fencing
  • Gates
  • Mailboxes
  • Lawn Ornaments & Art
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Just about all metal objects

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits of Powder Coating!

In most cases, the benefits of powder coating are many. They include:

  • Lasting. In short, powder coating is undoubtedly the best paint option for providing an enduring finish.
  • Cost efficiency. By the same token, more economical than traditional paints and reduced timely steps and drying time, powder coating is ideal.
  • Variety. Customize with over 7000 colors and a variety of finishes to mix for a beautiful outcome!
  • Environmentally friendly. Powder coating materials do not contain the solvents or harmful chemicals of traditional exterior painting products.
  • Low maintenance. Powder coating’s durability reduces the chances of rust and corrosion. Just lightly clean it a few times per season to keep it in pristine condition.
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