Update Your Home Interior with the Latest Painting Trends!

Why not transform the interior of your home to beautiful place that reflects our own design aesthetics and personality? The creative team at B&M Painting will help you incorporate your unique tastes with trends that spark a lively and elegant atmosphere in every room of your home. We will also provide better ways to optimize your space and help you enjoy a healthy and sustainable environment.

We’ll show you the emerging trends that offer exciting prospects to help your home become the best haven imaginable. We’ll help you discover design concepts that explore the possibilities for beaty within the walls of each area of your home.

Here are some of the rising fashions of interior painting:

  • Teal is a blue-green blend, possessing characteristics that calm to help your family and guests to enjoy the atmosphere. Teal bridges the gap between tones that are warm and cool, promoting tranquility. Why not feel relaxed with your spirits lifted?
  • Shades of gray and black. These colors can be used thoughtfully but sparingly to accent walls and trim.
  • Off-whites. Various tints from cream, very light-yellow ochre, and even blues can render a subtle, pleasant, appealing when blended with white.

You may appreciate these ideas for the different rooms of your house:

  • The living room. Rich amethyst shades, purple tones used to be expensive. That is why they were often linked with royalty. These colors will establish a perception of drama to your living room or any room you paint, including your home office.
  • The dining room. This is where the family and guests will share their meals, so attention to detail is important. Light beiges and Tans are trending for ding areas, perhaps with an accent wall of a warm gray.
  • The kitchen. Adopt a kitchen in which you feel relaxed and comfortable yet can easily concentrate. Off-whites, especially toward the warmer tones can create a larger, open look for any size of kitchen. A bright teal is great for an accent wall.
  • The bedrooms. Waking up early and getting out of a warm, cozy bed is not anyone’s idea of fun. However, a bedroom that is rejuvenating and uplifting can make your mornings much better. Since colors and light affect our mood, there is a strong case for a colorful bedroom. And for the master bedroom, don’t forget the romance! Light lavender proves that you can decorate with color yet form a serene kind of energy. Other muted pastels work well too. For the children’s rooms, lively colors like blush pink for young ladies and ice blue for the boys are great choices.
  • The bathrooms. You can transform your bathrooms with inspiration and striking charm. How about dark, warm shades of gray with off-white trim?

The creative designers of B&M Painting are ready to help you freshen the interior of your home. Call us for a free consultation!