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NOW HIRING: Stucco and Drywall Finishers

Stucco and Drywall Repair Finisher Job Description We are seeking a detail-oriented stucco and drywall repair and finisher to join our team. As a stucco & drywall repair person, your duties will include remodeling and restoration, sealing joints, repairing cracks, and smoothing imperfections on walls and ceilings to create surfaces that are suitable for final treatment. You should also ensure that all supplies are used safely. You will mix cement, stucco, or plaster, and use trowels, brushes, and spray equipment to apply it to surfaces. Some jobs call for decorative textures including sand, pebbles or stones, or adding a protective

November 3rd, 2021|


B&M Needs 6 Painters & will on-the-job-train Apprentices Painter Job Description We are searching for deadline-driven painters with great attention to detail. The painter to follow written and verbal instructions, and use a variety of tools to paint surfaces. Other responsibilities include completing minor repairs. To be successful as a painter, you should have great stamina, physical strength, and time management skills. The ideal candidate will understand clients’ visions, follow directions, and complete projects on time and to budget. Painter Responsibilities: Select the correct tools and paints for projects. Prepare walls and other surfaces before painting. Mixing and applying paints,

November 3rd, 2021|


Paint Foreman Job Description B&M Painting is looking for a 2nd Forman to expand our extremely busy paint business. The right individual will be organized with excellent time management skills to supervise and manage paint crews and ensure that schedules are adhered to. The foreman would be working closely with property owners and tenants to gauge their needs and adjust work orders as needed. To be successful as a foreman, you must have excellent leadership skills and experience with project management. A good foreman can delegate tasks to workers to ensure that deadlines are met, and safety standards are adhered

November 3rd, 2021|

Winterizing to Protect Your Home

Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Winter Prepare Your Home and Property for Winter Undoubtedly, when you think of “winterizing,” your roof, air conditioning, plumbing, windows, and motor vehicles usually come to mind. But what about your home’s exterior and similar areas exposed to damaging winter snow, wind, and rain?  Protection measures are clearly essential to safeguard your investment. Here in the Prescott area, B&M Painting provides crucial protective services to property owners.   Winterize Exterior Paint Before Winter The winters here in North-Central Arizona are not getting any milder. We can all count on freezing temperatures, snow, ice,

October 23rd, 2021|

Rustic Fall Color Schemes

Fall Painting Ideas The temperatures and humidity of central Arizona are often excellent for painting both the exterior and interior of homes during the fall season. Similarly, that especially holds true for homes and commercial buildings here in the Prescott area. We have noticed a zeal for rustic fall color schemes and autumn-style décor that compliments many northern and north-central Arizona buildings and homes. What are Rustic colors? Rustic colors are the natural and rich colors that are found readily in nature. Fall color ideas lead with warm oranges, earthy browns, dark greens, and grays are all-natural hues that go

October 20th, 2021|

Tips for Painting Stucco

Tips for painting stucco Stucco requires very minimal upkeep and is primarily a maintenance-free finish, provided that you have sound stucco walls that were applied correctly. Hopefully, these tips for painting stucco will be a useful resource. STUCCO: Why So Popular in Desert Climates? A cement-based siding that adds a textured finish to exterior or interior walls—made from a mixture of cement, sand, water and lime. Stucco resists heat and dryness well and comes in a variety of colors and textures. Stucco is a strong coating that will stand the test of time and the Arizona sun if it's applied

August 31st, 2021|






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